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It's SMALL Windows application that takes only ONE place next to your tray system clock, "eats" a little of memory and CPU power but can: * track if / when and how many times your e-mails are read. * remind YOU about all YOUR meetings, important events, birthdays etc.. * check all YOUR e-mail accounts (up to 100 !) in background * auto-delete spam messages on that accounts * forward important emails to your mobile device * build in auto-responder can auto-repply at all incomming mai * watch your browser's windows and kill all unwanted pop-ups * take advantage of Tray helper's plugins (look below) ! List of plugins currently available to work with Tray helper: <BR> * Small WWW server - changes your PC to small WWW server in less than one minute! * Atom time clock synchronizer - synchronize clock of YOUR PC with atomic time server. * Tasks - just a TO DO list :) * Notes - forget about yellow sticky notes around your work-place. * Pinger - it tracks presence of computers in YOUR LAN or Internet and do some actions when it changes * WebSpy - it can track changes on www pages and inform you about it. Other features: * There is support for MS agent technology - you can be notified about new mail, events ect - by live, 3d, speaking, cool characters * Tray Helper is secure - you can set a password and no one will be able to view your e-mails, events, etc. * all your reminders (about meetings, birthdays etc...) can be forwarded to your mobile device

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